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Spring Education Grants: Spreading SaLT

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Westminster Cathedral RC Primary School has been awarded a Strategic Grant of £96,000 (over 3 years) in support of the Speech and Language Therapy service that it hosts and shares with nine primary schools across south Westminster.

This is the second strategic grant to part-fund the service as we know the schools really value this support.

The service provides a range of evidence-based interventions:

Specialist – individualised support for a small caseload of children in 1:1 or group settings.
Targeted – providing training and resources for school staff so they can deliver interventions with small groups of children.
Universal – providing training and resources for school staff and parents to encourage development of language and communication skills.

Case Study (from previous project)
‘Peter’ has a diagnosis of Autism.  He was largely non-verbal and showed almost no interest in other people when he joined the Reception class.  He received regular 1:1 Speech and Language Therapy sessions, teaching staff were given additional training and the therapist recommended changes to the classroom environment.

As he comes to the end of Year 1, Peter’s interest in social interaction has been transformed.  Peter can now use simple sentences to make requests and share his ideas.  He is learning to play with other children, and he is able to access a differentiated curriculum at school.

There were no other new grants approved at this meeting.

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