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Our Charity has a new name & branding!

The Trustees are delighted to announce that we are now known as St Giles & St George: Alms and Education since 1661.

With immediate effect, St Giles-in-the-Fields & Bloomsbury United Charity will be known as St Giles & St George Alms Charity and St Giles-in-the-Fields & William Shelton Educational Charity will be known as St Giles & St George Education Charity.

Our aim in rolling out our new name and branding is to make focus of the two charities much clearer whilst still retaining a link to our historical past.

Our new website, is designed to be informative and easy-to-use, whilst giving greater scope of the Charities’ breadth of activity.

Plus, for organisation grant recipients, we now have a funders’ badge so that the work of the Charities can be more visible within the community it has served for hundreds of years.

We are thankful to This Ain’t Rock‘n’Roll and Rocketship Digital, for their innovation, as well as their hard work and assistance with this transition.

Indebted to the altruism of benefactors over hundreds of years, we take the name of two of the parishes in which we serve, paying homage in our logo, which cleverly incorporates the window designs of the parish churches.

As Trustees, we are honoured to continue such a heritage.

The Trustees

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