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Farewell to Alan (our Chair)

Since becoming Rector in 2015, The Reverend Alan Carr has been an ex officio Trustee, and Chair, of the Alms and Education Charities, taking over from his predecessor, The Reverend Bill Jacob.

During Alan’s time with us, the charities have streamlined and improved governance, introduced new types of grants, the refurbishment of the St Giles Almshouses.  His wealth of experience and canny foresight has come to bear on bringing a greater reach and focus to help those most in need.

Now that Alan is retiring, we could not let him go quietly for he has done much for the charities, the almshouse residents, the Trustees themselves, and the community around St Giles at large.  

We sincerely thank him for his steering, encouragement and guidance, and wish him every blessing for the next chapter of his life.

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